Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Furniture Adventure

So, you know how I said I got new living room tables for my birthday? Well, it all came in a few days after we ordered them, which was a lot quicker than they had told us. Yay! Micky and my sister were kind enough to ride with me into Flint to pick them up at the furniture store. We ended up doing a little other shopping and kind of got behind schedule (we had to have my sis back to meet up with her boyfriend at a specific time), so we were hoping by the time we got to the furniture store, we could quickly load the stuff in and be on our way.
Well, that wasn't the case...The loading man ended up wanting to tell me his life story overtop of blaring radio music, which he insisted is usually on the Christian radio, but not that day...He talked about his furniture in his home, the radio stations, the tv show "Undercover Boss", etc...I stood there for 1/2 hour listening to him. He was extremely nice, just talkative, of course, on a day when I needed to hurry. He opened up all the packaging and we looked at just the tops of the tables for scratches and dents. All looked great! So, he repackaged them back up and loaded them into the truck for us. I thought all was good (even though my sis was maybe fuming a little bit for now holding her boyfriend up).
We got the furniture home and Brad started putting it together- we just had to screw on the legs of each table...He put the sofa table together first and it looked beautiful!! I was beaming!!
At this point in time Halle and I ran up to pick up our hot, delicious, Hungry Howie's pizza for dinner. When we returned, Brad was snapping a bunch of pictures of the table, still in the box. Come to find out, the coffee table was completely broken underneath. The whole front of it was broken, and the drawers were broken. We called the store and they said they would order us a new one, but we could use the broken one until it came in. Brad said it wouldn't even work to be put together. We opened up the end table and thought all was good until we tried to screw the last leg on. It wouldn't stay tight. And when we flipped the bottom piece over (once the whole stinkin table was put together) we noticed a huge gouge...My heart sunk!
We called the store back up and they are now ordering us a new end table as well. I was very impressed with their attitude and helpfulness. The manager ended up giving us a $20 credit for gas money (we live 45 minutes away from this store).
We will hopefully get our new furniture this week. I am going to make them take out every piece and show me before we leave the store this time. Brad is also going to see about working a deal for the broken end table. It really isn't horrible, just a shaky leg and the scratch (which is covered up by our Ipod dock anyways). We didn't originally think we could fit 2 end tables in our living room, but it's looking like we can now. So, I might end up with another table throughout this whole mess anyways.
I will let you know how it goes!!
Also, good news! We sold the washer and dryer that was left at the house we bought on craigslist and Brad said I could use the money for whatever I wanted!! So...now the question is...What to buy? The rug I like at Target? New bedding? More decor for the living room? Getting my hair done? Fun activities for the kids over spring break?
Only 2 more days until spring break! It honestly can't come soon enough!


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