Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy!!

Today, August 13, 2009, my little guy turned 2!!! I can't believe how quickly 2 years have gone by. 2 years ago today, I was making my way to the hospital at 6am, getting induced, having my husband tell the nurses we would have this baby before lunch, and at 12:15pm (exactly at lunch time no doubt), little Parker Bradley DeLange was born!! I thought he was the cutest boy ever then, and now he's grown and become even cuter (if that can even happen). Seeing as how I leave tomorrow for a wedding in Kentucky, we aren't doing a whole lot to celebrate Parker's birthday today. I did make chocolate cupcakes to have tonight, but his real birthday party will be next Saturday!!

Since I really don't have many birthday pictures to post yet, I thought I would give some updates about Parker at this point in his life.

* Weighs 27lbs
*3ft tall
*Wears a size 5 diaper (almost could be in a size 6)
*Wears size 18 month in pants/shorts (and they have to be pulled tight with the elastic)
*Wears 2T or 24 month size shirts
*Wears size 7-8 shoes
*Has brown eyes (still)
*Has white blonde hair right now (the sun bleaches it out)
*Wakes up at 7ish every morning screaming "EAT! EAT!"
*Favorite foods: Pizza, Bananas, Hot Dogs, Grapes, Oranges, Fruit Snacks, Waffles, Rice Krispies, Mac N Cheese, SALAD!! (yes, he loves salad) with Ranch Dressing, Cheeseburgers
*Favorite Drinks: Juice of any kind, water
*Favorite Restaurant: McDonald's
*LOVES: Football, horses, basketball, baseball, playing with Tula, soccer, running, swimming, sidewalk chalk, coloring
*Still sleeping in his crib
*Has asked to be put on the toliet a couple times but hasn't done anything on there yet (at least he knows what it's for and is interested in it)
*He loves copying Halle
*He loves tackling Halle
*Is talking like crazy now--says all sorts of words, not all of them are the clearest, but we understand what he's saying most of the time

Happy Birthday Buddy!!! I love you with all my heart!!