Friday, December 11, 2009

Week in Review

Well, this week flew by and I didn't get a whole lot accomplished. That could have been because I was sick with Strep Throat (again) for the majority of the week! I thankfully didn't have to work Tuesday, had to cancel work for Wednesday, and already had scheduled Thursday off due to Parker's ear doctor appointment.
Needless to say, there were some HUGE things that happened this week!!
1. 2 weeks ago Brad and I went house-hunting (for the 100th time) with our realtor and came across a house we absolutely LOVED!! We figured there was no way on earth we could ever get it, but we put an offer on it anyways. The bank called this week and said they accepted our offer!! WOOHOO!!! So, Brad and I are still standing in shock with our jaws dropped and are waiting for all the adendums to come so we can sign our life away!! Hopefully, we can move in in January!!
2. I got a little Christmas shopping done. After visiting the doctor's office on Tuesday and testing positive for Strep, I headed to the mall and got a few gifts bought. I know, I should have gone back home and crawled into bed, but I wasn't going to let my throat that was on fire stop me!! I spent all day Wed on the couch to make up for it!:0(
3. I finished a puzzle in 2 days! (That's whay happens when you can't work)It was only a 500 piece one and quite easy! I'm going to glue it together with puzzle glue and put it in a frame. It's a picture of two snowmen! I thought it would look nice hanging up for the holidays! My parents did this last year and it looks awesome!
4. Parker went to the ear doctor. Our insurance for him doesn't start until Jan 1, 2010, so I was planning on paying the bill to see the doctor this visit. Well, the doctor didn't end up charging me anything!! I think it helped that he knows my father-in-law and my father-in-law refers alot of his patients to him. Parker has fluid in his ears again, so it's looking like he might have to have set # 2 of ear tubes put in. We are doing a nasal spray for the next month to see if it helps. Just imagine-nasal spray and a 2 year old! Yeah, it's not going to be fun doing that every night!
5. I got some more done on Halle's homemade Christmas gift. I'm not saying anymore than that, as she tends to read my blog occasionally. Will post pics after Christmas!

That's about it! We have LOTS of shopping to do this weekend and I would really like to take the kids to see "The Princess and a Frog". Halle is spending the night at Bailey's to celebrate her 9th birthday, so we might not have enough time to cram it all in.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Congrats Nate and Lisa!

This weekend was Nate and Lisa's wedding!! Dec 5, to be exact! Nate and Lisa have been dating for quite a few years and finally got hitched! Their wedding was at West Cannon Baptist Church in Belmont, MI (it's a suburb of Grand Rapids).

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and it was nice celebrating with all of Brad's family that was there. Lisa was so pretty!!
They had a nice reception after the ceremony and the bridal party did fun entrances while being introduced in. It was cute! They also played a game during the reception. Every table had a paper on it and the table was to come up with a question to ask the bride and groom that the answer would either be "Nate" or "Lisa". Then they asked Nate and Lisa (with their backs turned away from each other) the questions, and they had to raise either a high heel (for Lisa) or a black shoe (for Nate) and see how many they could get right. It was quite funny!!

We had a good time and the whole extended family stayed the night at a hotel afterwards. The hotel had a pool, so some of the kids went swimming, and they also had a big room with tons of leather sofas and a projector screen, so our family took over that room and ate pizza and watched football on the big screen. It was a nice way to end the day!

We headed home today. It has snowed a TON in Grand Rapids, but once we were outside of the city, there wasn't hardly anything on the ground. We had two detours on the way home. One was in East Lansing to go eat at Brad's favorite- P.F. Chang's, and the other was to Best Buy to buy a new camera. We REALLY REALLY REALLY disliked our other camera!