Saturday, February 27, 2010

Best & Worst Feeling (All in One Night)

The other night, we decided to go to the mall with Allyson and Scott to do a little shopping. Since Allyson and I wanted to look in some girl stores, the guys and kids left and went to stores they would have more fun looking around in. BUT...When we met back up later on, Parker jumped out of his stroller, ran as fast as he could, yelling "Mmmoooommm" the entire way, and jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest bear hug ever!! It was THE BEST FEELING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! Nothing beats love from your kids!!
That same night, on the way home from the mall, we got a call from Jessica saying that someone was texting her from my phone saying "I think someone lost this phone." As soon as I realized I didn't have my phone, I felt horrible. It's like a part of you is missing and you don't know if you will ever see it again. All the pictures, texts, contact numbers, etc. I NEVER lose my phone, so it was really unlike me to have this happen. Brad ended up calling my phone and talking to the honest person that found it!! They were so nice!!! Since the mall was closed by the time she realized her daughter had it, she handed it over to a mall security guard and told them we would be down to get it. Since we live 40 minutes away from this mall, and we were almost home, we decided to just hold off until Thursday to go get the phone.
Thursday after work, my sister and I ran down to the mall to pick it up, only to sit and wait for 30 minutes until the mall security informed me that yes, my phone was turned in the night before, but, someone didn't follow protocol and THEY LOST MY PHONE!! They said they would tear their entire office apart to find it, but I knew that either #1. The threw it away #2. They gave it to the wrong person #3. One of their employees stole it.
Friday afternoon, Brad got the call that the phone was found. We don't believe their story that a random coat was turned in, and inside the pocket of the coat was my phone. What are the odds?? We think that one of their employees figured I wasn't coming to get it and took it home, seeing as how it is a newer phone, but felt guilty because we had called and talked to the management, and most of the employees were baffled as to where it went.
So, I guess they are shipping it to us. Let's hope it really is my phone. HA!!
So, all wrapped into one night was the BEST feeling and the WORST feeling I've had in a long time. I think I'd rather have more BEST feelings happen, than WORST!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


My life is consumed with painting! Why is it once you get started painting, you find that the entire house needs to be painted. We just moved into our new house a month ago, and although the walls were all a very neutral color, they were all scuffed up and dirty looking. So, I decided to start painting.

1. Micky and Jess helped me paint my kitchen a very neutral brownish-tannish color
2. I spent an entire Saturday painting my living room by myself a very neutral tan color
3. I've spent various evenings/days off painting the entryway (not the 2 story walls, just the walls I can get with a step ladder- the high walls will come later), & the little hallway with the pantry, coat closet, and basement door
4. I've started going up the stairway, but have stopped at the wall that is extremely high (haven't mustered up enough nerves to climb that high on the ladder yet)
5. I got the top of the stairway landing done
6. My dad helped me paint my front piano/computer room and the small 1/2 bath off the kitchen a greenish color
7. Painted the ceiling in the small 1/2 bath after a few mishaps by my dad (I still love you though Dad)
8. Brad helped me paint the front room AGAIN because I just didn't like the color. I LOVED the color in my 1/2 bath, but it didn't look right for the front room. So, I painted it again. It's now a much richer green color.
9. I spray painted 2 curtain rods that were left here by the previous owner. They were a brushed silver and I painted them a deep brown, as nothing that I have has any silver in it...Brown will look so much better.

And it's only been a month...

I think I have an addiction to painting now, although I believe it is what might be causing my extremely bad headaches everyday...I do love the look of freshly painted walls and now I can start decorating!!
Still to come in the real near future:
The 2 story walls
The entryway coming in from the garage
The rest of the upstairs landing
Halle's room
The kids bathroom

Still to come in the somewhat near future:
The laundry room
Parker's room (his room is already a nice blue color, so I'm not in as big of a hurry)

Still to come in the near future:
My bedroom- won't paint it until I get new bedroom furniture and bedding
My bathroom
The kids playroom
The dining room- need to get a nice dining room table first

AND this summer...We need to paint all the white trim on the house and the front door!!
(all of our life-savings is going to paint-It's crazy!)
Will post pics of rooms tomorrow

Friday, February 19, 2010


Ten Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Painted the front piano/computer room
2. Painted the upstairs landing
3. Painted the small 1/2 bath off the kitchen
4. Painted the ceiling of the small 1/2 bath off the kitchen
5. Laundry
6. Made Easy Chicken for dinner-thank heaven for Crock Pots
7. Contemplated whether or not I like the color I painted the front room
8. Watched a little of the Olympics
9. Cleaned up the house a little as I have people coming over tonight
10. Showered 2 times!

Nine Things I'm Doing Today:
1. Working
2. Pick up Parker and Halle after work/school
3. Going out to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Sagebrush, with my favorite person, Brad
4. Going to a Phil Keaggy concert at church
5. Laundry
6. Cleaning up house
7. Figuring out dinner for kids and babysitter
8. Kiss my kiddies
9. Watch my DVRed Olympics

Eight Things I Am Doing This Weekend:
1. Hangout with Al, who is spending the night on Friday
2. Clean the house/paint?
3. Premier Design Jewelry Party on Saturday
4. Church
5. Relax
6. Taking Halle to get the stitches out of her ears
7. Go shopping for Halle and me an outfit to wear to "Beauty and the Beast" next Sat.
8. Grocery shop for the coming week

Seven People I'm Hanging Out With This Weekend:
1. Brad
2. Parker
3. Halle
4. Allyson
5. Mom-in-law, Micky
6. Scott
7. Erin B.-The girl hosting the jewelry party

Six Random Questions:
1. Could the Winter Olympics stay on for the remainder of the winter? I don't want them to end!2. Am I the only one confused at some of the Top 24 picks (especially the guys) on AI?
3. Will I ever be done painting? I starting to feel a little overwhelmed.
4. Would Spring get here already? I hate winter!
5. Is it time for lunch yet?
6. Will I win the GMC Terrain that Ellen is giving away today? I REALLY REALLY like the GMC Terrain.

Five Songs Playing On My Ipod:
1. Need You Now-Lady Antebellum
2. American Honey- Lady Antebellum
3. Say Hey (I Love You) -Michael Franti & Spearhead
4. Temporary Home- Carrie Underwood
5. I Run to You- Lady Antebellum

Four Things I Want To Buy:
1. Tables for my living room-Coffee, Sofa, End tables
2. Curtains for living room
3. Wall art
4. Valances for kitchen

Three Ramblings:
1. As a substitute teacher, it's always a boring day when the teacher leaves a video to show. Plus, you end up watching the same video four-five times (when you're in the high school). It gets old after a while. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm typing this up as I watch an episode of "Numbers" for the third time)
2. I wish I could hire a professional interior decorator to decorate my house. I want it to look like the PotteryBarn catalog, just for a fraction of the cost! I will admit that Target, my favorite store, has quite a few home decor items that look a lot like PotteryBarn stuff, but is WAY less in price! Thank you Target!!
3. I HATE my dry skin in the winter. I also HATE the price of good lotion. Why do I need to pay 10-15$$ to get a decent lotion for dry skin. It almost makes me just want to suffer through the itchy, dry skin instead of spending that much on a small bottle of lotion. I did buy some though, and it's still as dry as can be. Plus, my scalp is extremely dry. It doesn't matter what dry scalp shampoo I use, it doesn't take it away.

Two Blessings:
1. Brad and I both have jobs. Although they might not be the greatest jobs in the world, we are able to afford to live in a beautiful home and put food on our table. We are paying off all our debt and are starting to get back onto a "financial" track. We know we are every fortunate as many families are really struggling to find any sort of work. The Lord is definitely taking care of us!
2. We've got the best family in the world. Without them, we would definitely be in a pickle when it comes to having someone to watch our kids. I've got lots of family volunteers to babysit during the day (so I can work) and in the evenings (when Brad and I decide to go on a date). Today, my brother-in-law, Scott, has volunteered to show up at my house at 6:45am to watch the kids before school, take Halle to school, watch Parker while I'm at work, and then come back and watch both kids this evening for us. It's nice knowing a family member is willing to spend their entire day helping us out! Thank you to all my family!

One Favorite Recipe:
I will post my recipe from last night, as it is fresh on my mind:
Easy Chicken
(You can either cook this at 275* for 3 hours, or put it all in a crock pot and cook for 3-4 hours)
6-8 Chicken Breasts, can be cut into pieces
1 can Cream of Celery
2 cans Cream of Chicken
1 soup can of Milk
Parmesean Cheese
1 cup rice, uncooked

Mix everything together and put in 9*13 or crock pot. Sprinkle cheese over top.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"This is freaking me out"

Those were the words that came from my sweet, little 2 year's mouth last night as he was heading upstairs to take a shower. I was a little unsure as to what he meant by it because he really enjoys taking showers in my shower because it is huge and has 2 little bench-like seats in it that he can sit on. He begged and begged us to let him take a shower last night, and when I said "yes" he jumped up and down yelling "woo-hoo!" It was like a child being told they are going to Disney World or something. As I sent him upstairs with Halle to start getting undressed, I hear "This is freaking me out" come from his little lips! I just about starting peeing my pants! He's such a crack up. After putting two and two together, I realized he didn't like the idea of going upstairs to take a shower without me or Brad going with him. He needed one of us to stand there while he showered (a.k.a. play in the shower). Hahahahahahaha!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sickness, PLEASE go away

For some reason, this winter seems to be hitting my family hard with sickness. As I fought off sickness all fall long, my kids are getting slammed with being sick constantly this winter. When one is sick, the other is healthy, and sometimes I've got two sick kids at the same time. It starts to tire me out, and I'm not the one blowing my nose, coughing, sneezing, and fighting ear infections.Parker has battled 3 ear infections since December. It doesn't help that he has always had problems with his ears since he was born. I mean, he has still never passed a hearing test! We have been seeing an ear specialist since December, and FINALLY, they have scheduled Parker to have a set of new tubes put in his ears and his adenoids out. The scheduled date of surgery is March 8! YAY!! Hopefully, this helps as just last night, he was screaming bloody murder and grabbing at his ear. We figured out the infection must have popped his ear drum and all the fluid came out-which I realized after seeing a bunch of gunk on his pillow and crusted around the inner edge of his ear. So...hopefully, the surgery will help take care of that problem. It can't come soon enough.

Along with ear infections, Parker's also battling a nasty cough and runny nose. We are keeping him on medicine to help aleviate some of the congestion. Halle has been fighting the same stuff too! She spent her entire Sunday on the couch, hacking up a storm. Her teacher won't let her go outside for recess this week as her cough is still really bad.
This has been going on for sometime now, with no end in sight. I think Parker believes everyone just takes medicine on a daily basis, because he is always begging us for medicine, like it's candy or something. He doesn't know a life without constantly taking medicine.
Winter AND sickness, I beg you to leave and bring us warm, sunny days and health! PLEASE!!