Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day

Gotta love snow days!! We got 5 inches of snow throughout the night so school was closed today!!Brad still had to work, but the kids and I played outside for a couple hours this morning and now are watching the movie, Robots.
Tonight, I'm going to the movies with my sis to see Leap Year, and Brad is taking the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2!

Snow Days are the best way to start the weekend! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back into the swing of things

Well, reality set in this week as school and work started back up for most of us. I am very thankful to be working most days of the week, but boy when that alarm clock goes off in the morning, I DO NOT want to get up!!
I got started back into Zumba class on Monday nights. I love it a lot and am thankful our rec center doesn't charge an arm and a leg for classes! My arms have been feeling the pain all week though! Ha!

Halle started back into school and piano lessons. She's got a big weekend coming up with her 8th birthday on Sunday. We have lots of fun stuff planned for Saturday (and possibly Friday night too)! As fun as her birthday will be, I must admit a January birthday is difficult to plan and buy presents for. There isn't much you can do outside, unless you want to go sledding, and everything she wanted was bought for her for Christmas (and everything is picked over in the stores-all that's left is what people didn't want to buy for Christmas). I have just resorted to being REALLY creative, and I'm not sure how good I am at doing that! More to come on all our fun activities and celebrations later this weekend.
Parker is doing his normal routine-getting up, eating, playing, eating, watching movies, playing, playing some more, eating, and sleeping. HA!! He's growing so fast and talking more and more every day. We are slowing but surely starting the "potty training" routine, but I'm thinking it's going to be a while before it really works.

Brad is back to working, well, wait...He never stopped working! Ha!! He's loving his job, even with some of the issues that test his patience and sanity! We are extremely thankful he has a job as we continue to hear of other families really struggling right now.

We are still in the midst of buying a house!! The financial part of it is in the works now (not sure why it takes so long to sign a few papers!) We are hoping to close the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

My sister found out this week that she recieved 2 $1,000 scholarships to finish off her dental hygiene program. So, she will now be able to use that money to cover her state board test at the end of this semester! Praise the Lord!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

We've made it to 2010!! It seems like just last year everyone was freaking out about Y2K, and now it's 10 years later!
I have realized I haven't done a very good job with my blog this past year. I think I was trying to blog about WAY too much on each post and throw in a bunch of pictures, which would end up taking me an hour to post one blog. I really don't have an hour every day to dedicate to blogging, so I found myself not blogging at all. I like the idea of blogging, not so much that millions of people (or even one person) will read/comment on it, but so that I have a memory book to look back on of my family's memories.
I have a bunch of posts from this past year that I wrote, but never posted because I was waiting to add pictures to it. I feel like I should finish those and post them, but I think I will just keep those in my archives and start fresh and anew for the new year!
So, here's my first post of 2010!! It's a recap of our Christmas vacation!!
Merry Christmas!! We spent Christmas Eve with my family! We all got spoiled!!Buzz Lightyear came to live with us Christmas morning!
We now have a singing sensation living with us! We spent New Year's Eve all singing karaoke!

Christmas Day with my hubby!

We went and saw Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Palace! They rocked out!!

We played in the snow!

Overall, it was a WONDERFUL break and we don't want it to end. Tomorrow is back to reality for most of us, and we aren't looking forward to it! Happy New Year!! May 2010 be the best year yet!!