Sunday, February 21, 2010


My life is consumed with painting! Why is it once you get started painting, you find that the entire house needs to be painted. We just moved into our new house a month ago, and although the walls were all a very neutral color, they were all scuffed up and dirty looking. So, I decided to start painting.

1. Micky and Jess helped me paint my kitchen a very neutral brownish-tannish color
2. I spent an entire Saturday painting my living room by myself a very neutral tan color
3. I've spent various evenings/days off painting the entryway (not the 2 story walls, just the walls I can get with a step ladder- the high walls will come later), & the little hallway with the pantry, coat closet, and basement door
4. I've started going up the stairway, but have stopped at the wall that is extremely high (haven't mustered up enough nerves to climb that high on the ladder yet)
5. I got the top of the stairway landing done
6. My dad helped me paint my front piano/computer room and the small 1/2 bath off the kitchen a greenish color
7. Painted the ceiling in the small 1/2 bath after a few mishaps by my dad (I still love you though Dad)
8. Brad helped me paint the front room AGAIN because I just didn't like the color. I LOVED the color in my 1/2 bath, but it didn't look right for the front room. So, I painted it again. It's now a much richer green color.
9. I spray painted 2 curtain rods that were left here by the previous owner. They were a brushed silver and I painted them a deep brown, as nothing that I have has any silver in it...Brown will look so much better.

And it's only been a month...

I think I have an addiction to painting now, although I believe it is what might be causing my extremely bad headaches everyday...I do love the look of freshly painted walls and now I can start decorating!!
Still to come in the real near future:
The 2 story walls
The entryway coming in from the garage
The rest of the upstairs landing
Halle's room
The kids bathroom

Still to come in the somewhat near future:
The laundry room
Parker's room (his room is already a nice blue color, so I'm not in as big of a hurry)

Still to come in the near future:
My bedroom- won't paint it until I get new bedroom furniture and bedding
My bathroom
The kids playroom
The dining room- need to get a nice dining room table first

AND this summer...We need to paint all the white trim on the house and the front door!!
(all of our life-savings is going to paint-It's crazy!)
Will post pics of rooms tomorrow

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